Arial, Microsoft’s favourite sans has never been cast in lead but we have good holdings of some of it’s predecessors – Adrian Frutiger’s Univers and Eric Gill’s Sans as well as Granby a lesser- known sans and Rudolf Koch’s Kabel. For serif faces we use Perpetua, Times, Bembo and Bodoni with an occasional dalliance with the slab-serif Rockwell.

The use of wooden type with its human variations and printing surface distressed by years of use and raised by successive layers of make-ready has become a feature of letterpress revival. Rarely is a font complete without an apprentice’s hand-cut letter, with a G modified to make a C or an A inverted for a V. We use Gill Sans and Grotesque amongst others and have a large collection of the late nineteenth century Cheltenham besides many cases of un-named and seemingly unusable display type that suddenly proves itself invaluable to suit the vagaries of jobbing printing.

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